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privatelektro präsentiert: Heating Plant: sweet, summer, dance, coca disko night
for the first time in our new location: at the gallery for contemporary art, Leipzig, "Studiohaus", we presenting a summer-special:
2 day invisible traces.. saturday are playing:
mix-mup, tichy and triPhaze play a dj set.
summer special with open air bar, the night beginn with a listening - elektronica - live set by: tichy from Berlin. A musican who are also known from his other projects kreech and propellersounds from Berlin. Scecond live act: Mix-Mup just released recently his "DJ of higher Quality" on Erkrankung durch Musique, will play a explosive mix from post disco, fat samples and elektro. very very danceble! Last but not least triPhaze will play a elektronica / mini-funk / tech-step dj mix.

26. 7. 2003 - Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst / Studiohaus / Leipzig / germany /
Karl-Tauchnitz Str. 11, Leipzig Mitte /
kick off: 9 pm

live: tichy / dust-d-bugger rec. / Berlin

live: Mix-Mup / Erkrankung durch musique, Angelika Köhlermann / Leipzig

dj: triPhaze / privatelektro

visuals: privatelektro artists

read here the : Interview with Mix Mup ** watch the doku video here!


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