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privatelektro präsentiert: Sound Lawine: swiss labelnight
for the first time in our new location: at the gallery for contemporary art, Leipzig, "Studiohaus", we presenting a summer-special:
2 day invisible traces.. on friday, we are proud to present: the everest-rec. label night:

.. we decided to create our own label. actually because of our own lazyness and because we didn‘t want to look up, until someone was found, to publish our material only with these and those conditions. anyway. our common project is called „everest“ and in such a way we baptized our microlabel „everestrecords“.
the objective is to give the possibility to publish low-fi for low price. small and smart editions, and in a way that's correct for all involved.
there are no limits to styles except the claim of groove and some sort of freshness."
get ready for an very interesing night with a bunch of very exciting sounds:

25. 7. 2003 - Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst / Studiohaus kick off: 9 pm /
Karl-Tauchnitz Str. 11 / Leipzig Centre 04107 / Germany

live: everest (everest-rec) Bern / Swiss - minimal / grooves / experimental sounds /

live: Herpes Ö de Luxe (everest. recn) Bern/Swiss - elektronik vs. akkustik soundscapes /

dj: everest::best secrets of their swiss record bags

visuals: special mix by a. strehle

read the interview about the everest rec. label here!

Artist: everest visuals: a.strehle

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