"Riot Boys "

double Videoinstallation with stereo Sound, colour, High Definition video (HD), on dvd or uncompressed files, looped, syncronized playback,
Germany 2008

Technical Requirements:
2 Video Projector
2 DVD Player or Playback Device
sync. video cables
Sound System with Equalizer

Hattyúház Galléria, Pécs Hungary 2008

Kunstverein Leipzig / Germany 2012

Balkon, 6_2008, Hungary p.40 ff
Monopol Magazin 2012

Riot Boys consist a work of 4 persons from different cultures.
A black, a german, a french and an south american protagonist. Every of this persons has an "Riot" tool or an weapon with them, this are special tools who are very common in their countrys. An iron stick, street stones, a tyre and a hand catapult.
The videowork is very short (1.35min) and playing as a loop, in the beginning every of the protagonists are watching you, like in an video-game, later the are going to moving slowly the "tools" in their hands and simulating action. But in the end, everything goes wrong and the games starts again...
The Videoinstallation working with persons as an archetyp, who can also be seen as a projection mirror for the world. Due the subject of the work referending to themes of subjective resistance, group movements and individual reflection on terror, war and images produced by the mass media nowadays. Everybody can ask themself questions if you are in such situations you would use weapens, do you resist or handle you with care.. questions of psychological and philosophical matter.. here are no answers, this work is just a question.