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  windrose _ mp3tornpaper animal RMX new remix of the YBA Song: Torn Paper Animals. Fresh Song: 2007 free for your ears early walk to the busstation mp3 standing on a hill - ep   5 track ep [pnet05] / released 03/2006 / 23.13 min / free download
including artwork download here
  false ballroom mp3false ballroom mp3 false ballroom fresh and playfull :: web edit/ mp3 / 2003
/ 1.24 mb / 3.40min
early walk to the busstation mp3early walk to the busstation   mp3 from the sampler "music to listen to music by"/ a dark morning - get ready to walk with me! (not physical) / mp3 / 1,6mb /5.56min

interview on resonance fm london/ frequenzen show / triphaze talking with A. Wendt / about privatelektro, his work and especially his new project "music for animals".
44:11 minutes mp3, july 04

mountain fog _ rmx_ for everestmountain fog     on the sampler: a monumental struggle of good vs. evil/ pe_cd 06 remix for everestrecords / swiss, based on their sample libary: / mp3 / 3.8.mb / 4.05 min // 2003