Presentation: National Review of Live Art / 2001, Glasgow, Scotland +++ Chapter Gallery Cardiff, Wales 2002 +++ Laden für Nichts, Leipzig, Germany April, 2002 +++ Gallery Interdruck, Leipzig August 2002

untitled (Berlin 1999)

untitled [berlin 1999]

single videoprojection
untitled (berlin1999) > digital video / color / Germany, Scotland, 2001 / length: 07 min /
Director: Marek Brandt, Camera: Brandt / Schmidiger, Sound: triPhaze

National Review of live Art, Installationview
People moving very slow in front of a camera.They just passing by, one could see in the background a wall. the relationship between them, the views, the fashion; all this details become more important after a while. what are this people doing? where there are going? Identity and Individuality are two of the most important questions in our society nowadays....