Presentation: Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig, Germany, / "zu hause ist alles in ordnung" Germany, June 1997 ++ Bury Art Museum & Gallery / UK, "a plea to somewhere else", Mai - July 2003 ++ 40 Jahre Videokunst - Was fehlt / Projektraum Deutscher Künstlerbund, Berlin Germany 2006 ++ Bleibnisse - University of Leipzig, Hauptgebäude Leipzig Germany 2007


single videoprojection

Video, VHS / transfer on DVD, PAL, black/white, 12,5 min
Sound: Dimitri Kucharzewski, Marek Brandt

This Movie is a strong Metapher for Situations, one only used as numbers. Faces of Russian Soldiers morphing into each other, in the begin of the video reconizable as different Persons, forwards to the end, it seems to be only one person constantly changing, like strong deformations. The Soundtrack of the Film is a selfrecorded Sound of an moving Train as an constant loop. The Fotos, for this movie was found 3 years after the Berlin Wall came down, in abandoned Military Areas in East Germany.