Invisible Traces * 2

: 28th Februar :: 2003 ::: kick off: 10 pm :::: location: gallery schipper :: leipzig, germany

Live: TAE / Bitfreak rec. / Tokyo, Osaka / Japan

Live: triPhaze / privatelektro / Leipzig

DJ: Igor Hax / privatelektro / Berlin

Visuals: Room Enviroment / privatelektro artists / Slide Battle Ger vs. Japan

TAE ---Electronica from Tokyo and Osaka
Kenji Yamazaki and Manami Nagahari started Tae in Japan in 2000. Kenji has a lot of experience creating game music and dance tracks. Manami had been singing and using the computer to compose music since 1998. Tae creates music on the computer and the creators exchange their musical ideas using audio files. So their style might be called Tokyo Electronica, a flowering of ambient Techno mixing electronic instruments, digital technology and the human voice. This style is always new always moving, always creative. Watch out and listen!

read the Interview with Manami N. and Kenji of TAE / here

triPhaze is one of the founders of privatelektro. He work as an dj since 1997 and from 2000 onwards, he is playing live elektronic music / performances. Best to describe his music is, to get some informations about musique concrete and mix this with some current electronica like Goem, Acts on Raster Noton with strong influences by soundscape - musicians... he is working also as an soundtrack composers for videoartists. and performance artist..<<
triPhaze will play a set of abstract elektronica, post-ambient, sound-scapes and clics n. cutz.

Igor Hax, will provide the invisible traces evening with minimal tech, house and breaks and cutz on the wheels of steel! Hax is also a privatelektro artist.
bitfreak records :: dust-dbugger records :: triPhaze

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